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Air Conditioning Maintenance: It’s Never Too Early

air-conditioning-maintenanceWhile the West Coast dealt with heavy rain and hail storms in recent weeks, and parts of the Midwest and Northeast have been battling freezing temperatures and snowy weather, we’re finally getting to enjoy the mild weather that we’ve been waiting for since last spring. With temperatures hovering in the 70°s, it’s finally just about time we can turn off our air conditioning systems and leave our windows and doors open to let in the cooler air.

But does that mean you should forget about your Wellington, FL air conditioner all together? Certainly not—now is actually the perfect time to consider scheduling a tune-up for your AC system! In most cases, it’s recommended that you schedule this service right before your air conditioner’s heaviest period of use—so right before the summer. However homeowners in south Florida are in a unique situation in that our temperatures are high enough for AC use starting as early as April! So for you, fellow Florida homeowner, it’s never too early for this service.

Getting a Head Start Helps You Beat the Rush

As we mentioned above, many homeowners begin to think about maintenance later in the year—perhaps May or June. But with temperatures already beginning to soar at that point, you run the risk of your AC needing immediate service during the busiest time of year for HVAC professionals, who will likely be out on both non-emergency and emergency service calls. Scheduling your South Florida air conditioner maintenance appointment now helps you beat this crunch and gives you the peace of mind that your AC will be ready to go as soon as the first hot day begins.

Is Maintenance Really Such a Big Deal?

Simply put—yes, it is! Routine maintenance is beneficial for a number of reasons, a few of which we’ve highlighted below:

  • Reduces Repair Needs: When our HVAC professionals come to perform your AC tune-up, they thoroughly inspect and clean your system, in addition to making any necessary adjustments. Let’s say that a fan blade is loose or bent. If this is caught during maintenance, all we need to do is make a quick adjustment. However, if it’s neglected, then it can cause damages to other components and eventually create bigger problems for your system.
  • Prevents Premature Breakdown: In addition to reducing repair needs, the inspection and adjustments performed by our technicians help your AC system to last longer. When it’s in the best shape possible and checked on an annual basis (or biannually, if it’s a heat pump), then you can rest assured that it’s not going to break down on you without any warning. Your air conditioner can and should last as long as it’s intended to with appropriate care.
  • Gives You A Peace of Mind: Have you ever looked at the forecast to discover that a heat wave is coming in just a few days? If you have, and you’re concerned about how well your air conditioner is performing, this could send you into a panic. But this would never be the case if you’d kept up on your maintenance appointments, and followed any recommendations for repairs or parts replacement. Maintenance gives you the peace of mind that your AC is ready to handle whatever weather comes your way.

In addition to providing exceptional HVAC services throughout South Florida, Envirotech Air Quality Services is one of the very few companies in the area who are also licensed mold assessors, mold remediators, and duct cleaners. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services!

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