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Is Your Air Conditioner About to Call it Quits?

air-conditioner-quitsSometimes, a malfunctioning air conditioner makes itself known. But other AC issues are not always as obvious, or don’t seem urgent. However, we recommend calling in a technician the moment you notice your air conditioner just isn’t functioning the way you expect. It may be that rather than needing an AC repair, you actually are in store for a West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning replacement.

And when you live somewhere as warm and humid as we do, scheduling this replacement now rather than later is vital. If you do decide to replace your cooling system this year, be sure to have the installation done by a professional. There are a number of reasons for this that go beyond convenience, as it’s important to get the proper size and cooling load for your home.

Signs of Serious AC Trouble

Knowing the warning signs that a malfunctioning air conditioner gives off will help you tackle your repair or replacement before you have a complete system failure on your hands.

No Cool Air

Is the air coming out of your AC seem lukewarm? If it’s not as cold as it should be, even at full blast, then you may have a failed compressor. Since this is such a large part of your air conditioner, it’s typically recommended that you replace the whole system rather than just the compressor—especially if it is an aging cooling system anyway.

Another possible reason for this issue is refrigerant loss. Upon installation, your cooling system is supplied with enough refrigerant to ideally last its lifetime. Therefore if you are losing refrigerant, it means that you have a leak, which must be located and repaired. The good news is, a repair usually does the trick and you may not need a system replacement quite yet.

Poor Air Flow

So let’s say that the air coming through your vents is cool, but it’s not coming out very powerfully. Again, this can be a compressor issue. Or, it could be that your ductwork has been damaged and either needs to be sealed, repaired, or replaced in sections.

Thermostat Troubles

We have good news when it comes to this issue—a thermostat problem does not mean you have a problem with your air conditioner. Check to see that the settings are correct on your thermostat, and that if you have a digital model, everything is showing up on the display. Fortunately, a thermostat repair or upgrade is a fairly simplistic service that could actually save you a lot of energy, and subsequently, money.

Loud or Unfamiliar Sounds

Do you hear squealing, grating, or grinding sounds coming from your air conditioner? This may certainly be a sign that you’re due for a replacement unit. Noises like these imply that something is amiss inside the system and failure to have it checked out could result in a broken down system right when you need it the most.

Envirotech Air Quality Services understands that when an emergency happens with your AC, it’s never at a good time. That’s why in addition to our quality installation and replacement services, we also provide emergency air conditioner repair services. Contact us today!

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