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AC Maintenance Steps

It’s time to prepare for another long summer season in Lake Worth, FL with air conditioning maintenance. You should always have AC maintenance done once a year, and spring is the ideal time to schedule a visit from a technician to see that your cooling system can take on the summer heat. You probably already have your air conditioner running a few times during the week, and you shouldn’t let it start wearing down before the main part of its service year begins.

Envirotech Air Quality Services will provide you with a thorough inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of your air conditioning during a maintenance visit. Don’t forget about this crucial step; call us and set up an appointment while it’s still spring.

What happens during maintenance

The steps a technician takes when he or she comes to your house for the annual check-up and tune-up will differ depending on the technician and your particular needs; however, these are the routine steps to expect:

  • Thermostat check: Technicians usually start with a thermostat inspection, since any miscalibration or wiring problem will throw off the entire cooling system. Thermostat wiring troubles and miscalibrations are usually simple fixes.
  • Checking and cleaning the coils: The indoor and outdoor coils of an AC must remain clean for the system to carry out heat exchange. The technician will remove the coils and clean off any excess dust or dirt that might have started to build up.
  • Changing the air filter: If the air filter shows signs of clogging, the technician will swap it out for a new one. (You should perform this job yourself once a month during the rest of the summer.)
  • Interior cabinet inspection: The technician opens up the cabinet of the outdoor unit of the AC to look over all the major components inside: capacitors, compressor, motors.
  • Electrical connection check and tightening: The technician inspects the electrical connections and tightens down anything that may be coming loose.
  • Refrigerant level check: The refrigerant charge in the AC must remain at its set level. If the level has dropped, the technician will recharge it, and also look to find out what caused the loss of charge in the first place.
  • Complete system check: The maintenance session will end with a final check to make sure that airflow and cooling capacity are all as they should be, and that the AC is not draining extra power.

Keep up regular maintenance for a long system life and lower bills

Annual maintenance pays off in many ways that outweigh the small cost of a check-up. You will have a more efficient AC, fewer repairs and breakdowns, and a system that will live up to and probably beyond its manufacturer’s expected lifespan. Call Envirotech Air Quality Services today and talk to our maintenance staff to schedule the yearly visit for your air conditioning in Lake Worth, FL.

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