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5 Ways To Help Out Your AC This Summer

overheated-woman-with-fanSummertime is never a season of low heat or dry breezes. Instead, it is usually filled with high temperatures and heavy humidity. This is exactly why it is important to have an effective air conditioning system around to help keep your home cool and dry. Even if you have a wonderful A/C system that has been able to keep you cool and comfortable over the years, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t appreciate a little help every now and again.

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool and can do this even more effectively with your help. There are several different things you can do that will help your system optimize its energy use and more effectively and easily cool your home. Interested in learning what additional habits you can add to your daily regimen to help keep things temperate? Read on!

5 Ways To Fight Heat at Home and Stay Cool

By incorporating some of these habits to your regular daily or even yearly patterns you will be able to keep your home cool and make the job your air conditioner has to do a lot easier.

  1. Chase the sun…and close the curtains. If you haven’t already, take note of where the sun hits your home throughout your day. Start out your day closing the curtains in the rooms where the sun comes in first; follow the sun’s path throughout the day as best you can and close the curtains to keep the sunlight and heat out of your home. If you aren’t going to be home all day, close the curtains or blinds throughout the house instead. This makes a big difference in your home’s temperature.
  2. Check for air leaks around doors and windows. Doors or windows that let in the air from outside will seriously impact your comfort and will make your AC’s job a lot harder. Check your doors and windows to see if there are any air leakages that need to be sealed up and if so use weatherstripping or caulk to get the problem taken care of.
  3. Keep your temperature demands temperate. We know that it is tempting to demand extremely low temperatures from your air conditioner but it is better to keep your temperature settings on the temperate side. The ideal temperature is around 78° to 82°F–even ten degrees less than the temperature outside will feel great.
  4. Make the most of your cool air with a fan. Fans don’t make cold air but they can certainly help keep things cooler. A fan helps evaporate sweat more easily, keeping you cooler, and aides your A/C in the effort to spread cool air around your home too.
  5. Have a technician address any AC repair needs. If you need air conditioner repairs in Boca Raton you don’t want to leave it unaddressed. If you do, you are more than likely going to end up with an AC that stops working or needs an early replacement. Make sure you schedule those repairs with a professional technician to ensure your system is well taken care of.

When you need assistance keeping cool, contact Envirotech Air Quality Services.

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