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5 Spooky Sounds Your AC Might Make

As we get deeper into the month of October and a little closer to Halloween, it makes sense that things around the home might seem a little…spookier than they did before. Suddenly those random noises that you hear in your home go from being something you brush off to something that might come across a little more otherworldly.

We are happy to be the ones to tell you that there is more than those sounds are more than likely caused by something normal. To be specific, strange noises in your home may very well be caused by a need for air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, FL. But which noises can you attribute to a finicky AC unit? We’ve listed the most common ones here for you so that you know when to contact us rather than your local priest.

5 Freaky Sounds You Air Conditioner May Make

We always encourage our clients to take the time to listen to what their HVAC systems are telling them. This doesn’t mean your AC unit should be saying actual words (if it is, that may be a different problem). What we are talking about are some of the strange and even freaky noises you might hear from your system when it needs the help of a trained technician. Here are the noises you should contact us to fix:

  1. Hissing: Does it sound like there is a mad cat in your air conditioner? If so, don’t mistake this noise for the sound of air flowing freely through your unit. It is actually the sound of air struggling to make its way through a clogged air filter. Even scarier, hissing can also be a warning that you have a refrigerant leak.
  2. Rattling: Is there a sound coming from your AC that makes you wonder if it is about to fall apart? If so, you will want to reach out to a professional as soon as you can. A rattling noise is an indicator that there are loose parts in your system that you want to tighten before they fully come free.
  3. Clanging: Clanging is the sound that is going to follow a rattling noise that is ignored for too long. This noise is not caused by ghosts shaking around items in your home. Instead, it is actually caused by parts that have broken free and are bouncing around your AC, causing extra damage.
  4. Screeching: Do you hear a noise that makes you think your ducts are housing an angry spirit? Not to worry, screeching is caused by AC issues, not poltergeists. In most cases, a screeching sound is going to be created by things like loose fan blades scraping around their housing.
  5. Banging: Last but not least, a banging noise is going to be another problematic sound that may give you a spook but has a reasonable explanation. Banging is often caused by an oversize AC straining the ductwork and causing it to fluctuate in size throughout the cooling cycle.


Don’t let spooky noises distract you. Contact the professionals at Envirotech Air Quality Services to get your AC back into regular working order. 

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