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5 Signs Your AC is Malfunctioning

air conditioner with tools on top and technician's hands working on itLiving in Florida means that you are going to be focused on your air conditioner much more often than any other comfort system. By default, that means that needing repairs for this system is something you’d want to take care of fast.

If your air conditioner is malfunctioning, it is the best possible situation if you can get repairs before your system can’t perform its cooling function. If your system isn’t able to get the service it needs you’ll end up with a hot house and a system that may or may not be fixable.

So, you want to get repairs for your air conditioning in Manalapan, FL where do you start? The first step is knowing what the warning signs of a problem are.

1. The system is making odd new noises

Have you noticed any new noises when you run your air conditioner? This goes beyond the usual whoosh of air that you would expect from your system. If your air conditioner starts to emit odd sounds that you have not heard before, it is worth it to reach out to a technician. you should always call a professional if you hear noises like screeching, rattling, clanging, or hissing from your AC.

2. You see the system leaking fluid

Whether you have a heat pump or a central AC system, leaking isn’t a good sign. Leaking from your cooling system could be due to a condensate drain clog, that causes the condensate to build up in the pan and overflow, or leaking refrigerant.

3. There is weaker-than-usual airflow

When you run your AC unit you should be able to expect strong airflow throughout the house. If instead, you notice weak airflow in one part of the home, you might have a duct leak on your hands. Similarly, if you notice that the airflow throughout the house is weaker than usual, it may indicate trouble with a clogged air filter or a bad fan. Have a professional check things out so they can provide the right repair.

4. You notice hot spots around the home

Is one room or area of your home consistently warmer than the others? If so, you should reach out for professional service. This could indicate problems similar to those we just mentioned (ie. a duct leak, a bad filter, etc.) that are messing with the distribution or even the creation of cool air in the home.

5. Your energy bills are higher than they should be

We suggest everyone regularly check and compare their recent energy bills. This gives you a chance to discover any problematic spikes or worrying increases in energy usage early. Increasing energy bills are usually a sign of trouble within your HVAC system. Make sure to have a trained technician check your system to see if the cause lies with your AC itself or even with your thermostat.

If you have an air conditioner that is acting up, we can help get things working right again. Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services for the expert AC repairs you need.

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