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5 Signs You Need AC Repairs Now

vent-register-on-wallLet’s face it: the fall season does not mean your air conditioner will be turning off anytime soon. Florida tends to enjoy keeping the climate warm and humid year-round, which is why your cooling system sees a lot more action than your heating system.

Because your AC tends to take on more work, it also sustains more wear and tear. Especially with the risk of thunderstorms and continued high heat on the horizon, you will want to make sure that your equipment is in peak working order, keeping your home dry and cool.

Before your air conditioner gives out when you need it the most, you should determine if it might be time for a repair.

Your AC Needs a Repair When…

If you are hesitant to reach out about air conditioning repair in Coral Springs, it may help to know what signs indicate that your system needs help. Here are 5 indicators that your AC may require repairs:

  1. Noise is one of the easiest indicators that signal your AC system requires a repair. If you notice noises such as pops, hissing, or bangs when you turn on the air, it means something needs fixing.
  2. Humidity is another sign that something is wrong with your AC. Your system needs to be able to keep your home at a comfortably dry level. Too much moisture indoors means your equipment needs recalibrating at a minimum.
  3. Warm Air is the opposite of what you want when you turn on your cooling system. If your vents are still producing hot air after you’ve double-checked your thermostat, it may indicate that there is a problem with your compressor, a return duct is broken or disconnected, or your system is low on refrigerant.
  4. Short-Cycling, or frequent cycles, means your air conditioner is struggling. When your AC is turning on and off more often instead of going through its regular cycles, it is never a good sign and indicates that your system needs to be inspected.
  5. Poor Airflow that isn’t resolved by making sure that your ducts aren’t blocked by debris or vents aren’t being blocked by furniture is one more sign that repairs are needed. This could mean you are dealing with an air filter that needs changing—which you can do on your own—or even something more serious, like a broken motor.

I Need a Repair—Now What?

If you have noticed that your AC unit isn’t behaving the way that it should, it is best to reach out to a professional air conditioning technician for help. A professional will know what issues to look for and how to fix them so your system gets back to running just efficiently as it was before.

If you are in need of a repair today, it helps to know that Envirotech Air Quality Services offers 24-hour emergency AC repair.

The technicians at Envirotech will make sure your HVAC system is in the best shape possible to ensure you enjoy cool air year-round.

Contact Envirotech Air Quality Services today for your air conditioning needs!

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