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4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Cooling Your Home

As we are already well into our warmer seasons, now is definitely not the time you want to be dealing with an air conditioning problem. Most major issues can be prevented by regularly maintaining your system, allowing an HVAC professional to provide a thorough inspection and cleaning. However, even the well-maintained cooling systems will run into problems every now and then. One of the most common complaints we hear is that a customer’s air conditioner is not cooling their home. We’ve addressed this concern below, citing 4 reasons why this may be occurring.

1. Faulty Ductwork

If you have a central HVAC unit, your ductwork plays a vital role. Responsible for delivering your conditioned air throughout your home, it’s relied upon to be durable and efficient. However, whether it’s due to poor installation, critters in the attic, or even inclement weather activity, occasionally ducts inherit damage. This damage can include cracks, bends, or gaps between fittings.

2. Thermostat

Sometimes your problem might not be a problem at all. Be sure to check your thermostat settings. Is it on “cool” instead of “auto”? While this setting is effective in assisting any air filtration devices you have set up, it’s not going to allow your air conditioner to efficiently cool your home—or really, cool your home at all.

3. Refrigerant Leak

When your air conditioner is installed, it is given enough refrigerant to last through its entire lifespan. However, events can occur that cause the refrigerant to leak. When this happens, it will negatively impact the cooling process that your air conditioner goes through. If you do have a leak, it’s something you should take care of right away to prevent further system damage.

4. Condenser Coil

A bad condenser coil could cause your cooling system to not blow conditioned air, as this is the component responsible for cooling the air to begin with. Condenser coil issues can be cause by anything from a blown fuse to a tripped circuit breaker. Be sure to have your system professionally inspected if you suspect this problem or any of the above mentioned issues.

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