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3 Things You Didn’t Know about Air Conditioning

Air conditioners have cooled down the majority of U.S. homes since the middle of the 20th century. They now form as basic a part of our lives as other inventions of the previous century such as television, radio, and the computer.

But how much do you really know about the air conditioning that cools down your house, or that provides for a pleasant work environment during each hot and humid day of the spring and summer? Electro-mechanical air conditioning has an unusual history, and the devices themselves contain some surprises that few people who use them know about.

Envirotech Air Quality Services offers excellent installation, repair, and maintenance for air conditioning in Wellington, FL. We’re steeped in the workings of these remarkable machines, and we’d like to share with you 3 interesting facts about ACs you probably didn’t know:

1. Air conditioning does not create cold air

“Yes it does, I can feel the cold air blowing from it!” you may answer. But what you feel isn’t cold air that was created; it’s air that has had heat removed from it. Unlike heating systems such as furnaces, boilers, and standard fireplaces, all of which create heat through burning fuel, an air conditioner simply moves heat from one place to another. An air conditioner removes heat from inside your home, relocating it to the outside, thus cooling the air in your home.

2. Air conditioners were once extremely hazardous

In the early days of electro-mechanical air conditioning, an AC was more dangerous than a gas-powered furnace or fireplace. This was because the refrigerant used to create heat exchange—the movement of heat from indoors to outdoors—was composed of chemicals that were either highly combustible, acidic, or toxic. These first air conditioners used ammonia, propane, or methyl chloride, and leaks could turn dangerous. This made air conditioners unsuitable for use in homes during their first two decades, and they remained restricted to industrial and commercial operation. In 1928, the invention of the first non-toxic, non-acidic, and non-flammable refrigerant, Freon, made ACs practical for homeowners. Today, air conditioners are one of the safest home comfort systems available.

3. Air conditioners helped post-war expansion in the western U.S.

Even after the end of the “Wild West” frontier period, large stretches of the Western U.S. stayed sparsely inhabited because the extreme heat made living there in the summer difficult. In 1945, Robert Sherman invented a portable window unit AC. This made cooling down homes more affordable, and during the post-war boom, it helped the rapid expansion of cities in the Southwestern U.S., such as Phoenix and Albuquerque.

Your central air conditioner will probably aid you every day this summer keeping you cool. Make sure you have an excellent repair and maintenance program ready to lend a hand: Envirotech Air Quality Services  offers excellent air conditioning service in Wellington, FL to make sure you have a pleasant summer.

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