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When Is the Best Time for an Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

air-conditioner-unit-outside-homeYou like making sure that your home is run well, from the chores list to the operational efficiency of your appliances. You make the most of scheduling maintenance for your home comfort systems. But one of the biggest questions on your mind is, “When is the absolute best time to get a tune-up for my air conditioner?”

Thankfully, we can offer you an answer. It is actually during the off-season.

Read on to learn more about the best time to schedule AC maintenance!

The Time Is Now

Yes, we are being serious. With the high heat of summer wrapping up, fall is the best time to schedule service for your cooling unit. While it may seem strange as Florida heads into its (relatively) cooler months, it is actually a great idea to get your system serviced when it is likely to be used the least.

At this stage, you are likely asking why. Fall is ideal for cooler maintenance because you are likely to need this system much less, if at all. And if your air conditioner is off, why not get a tune-up? This allows your friendly neighborhood HVAC technician to give your system a good, long once-over without racing against your home’s need to beat the heat.

In addition to this, scheduling an autumnal check-up means that your air conditioner is just winding down from the summer season, when it is used the most. Getting it tuned-up now will address any and all issues that may have popped up as a result of your AC working hard all summer.

Benefits of a Maintenance Program

Now that you know which season is the best for servicing your cooler, maybe you want to consider making sure you never miss a fall check-up. This is where a maintenance program comes in handy!

A maintenance program, such as one of the preventative maintenance plans that we offer, gives you and your cooler a host of benefits. These include:

  • Bi-annual Visits: Having a technician visit you twice a year means that any needed repairs are addressed after the cooling season and that your system is checked to make sure it is running efficiently before the next summer.
  • Flat Rates and Discounts: You pay $124.99 a year and enjoy 10% off on all repair parts
  • A Full Check-Up: Our professional technicians make sure to check over everything, whether you have cause for concern about a repair need or not.

A fall tune-up for your cooler ensures that it is properly repaired and running efficiently. As you can see, scheduling maintenance at this time of year only offers you benefits, as does opting for a maintenance program.

Our team of trained professionals can offer you the best in maintenance services for your home comfort systems no matter what time of year it is. Make sure that you reach out to us the next time you are in need of a check-up for your air conditioning in Palm Beach, FL.

Contact the team at Envirotech Air Quality Services now to enjoy a comprehensive maintenance service for your air conditioning in Palm Beach, FL. We promise to provide you with Clean Air for Better Living!

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