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Is a Heat Pump a Good Investment?

Monday, July 30th, 2018

wall vent near floor in homeWe are well into summer, and, subsequently, well into the higher temperatures we suffer through each year. So, what if you’ve made the discovery that your aging air conditioner is not getting the job done? If you need a West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning installation, what type of AC system should you choose?

If you already have a traditional central air conditioning system, you may wonder why we’re asking this—shouldn’t you just replace your old system with an upgraded version? Well, you can, but that might not be the best option for you.

Enter the heat pump. This is an option for air conditioning that comes with heating as well. Granted, heating systems aren’t something we really prioritize here in Florida, right? It may seem silly to even mention. Nevertheless, even though our “winters” are very brief and mild, the change in temperature does require a heater on some cooler nights.

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Myths Your HVAC Contractor Wants to Debunk

Monday, July 16th, 2018

Myths or Facts concept with business woman hand drawing on blackboardThe internet is without a doubt a very useful resource when it comes to getting information on pretty much any problem you might have. However, sometimes too much information can cause issues, since not all that information is always true or applicable to your specific case (think: people who google minor symptoms and suddenly suspect their illness is far more severe than it actually is).

This false information, or lack of customized information, impacts what you do with your HVAC systems too—and unfortunately can lead you to make mistakes in regards to your system efficiency. You could wind up paying more for less comfort as a result. What you really need is an HVAC contractor in West Palm Beach, FL to tell you what’s what. That’s what we are here for! Keep reading to discover some of the most common myths that we’d like to debunk for you today.

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Is Your AC in Need of One of These Repairs?

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

HVAC technician working on outdoor unit of an air conditionerSummer is officially here, but for us, it may feel like it never really left. Your air conditioner has already been working hard so far this year, and if you want it to continue to do so effectively and efficiently, it’s important to keep up on your AC maintenance sessions as well as your West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning repair needs, as they crop up.

Neglecting repairs can lead to a domino effect, with the affected component causing other components to wear down or break down, until eventually your whole air conditioner fails. This is why it’s so important to tackle repairs as needed, and to know what signs to look for that indicate you need repairs to begin with. What repair needs should you be on the lookout for?

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