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Don’t Let These Condensate Drain Problems Get You Down

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Your AC system has been working hard over recent months to keep you cool by utilizing a refrigerant cycle to remove the heat from the air within your home and exhaust it outdoors. This helps lower the temperature in your home, and also helps reduce humidity. When there is too much humidity in the air, your evaporator coil helps to control moisture levels, while the condensate tray and drain help evacuate that moisture from your home.

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Keep an Eye Out for These AC Condenser Damage Risks

Monday, November 21st, 2016

If you have a central air conditioning system, it is comprised of two separate units. One is located inside your home, and the other outside. The outside unit is called the condenser. It gets this name because this is where condensation occurs to release heat to the outdoors. This unit houses the compressor, a blower fan, and the condenser coil, in addition to the motors and capacitors that supply power to the components.

If the condenser develops problems, then it can severely damage or even stop the AC system’s ability to cool your home. Given how much we use our air conditioners here in Florida, there’s never a good time of the year for this to happen. While maintenance is one way to significantly reduce the risk of damage to your condenser unit, it’s not the only way. Keep reading to learn more.

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Why You Should Only Trust Professionals with Your Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

The commercial HVAC systems on the market today are highly reliable—so long as they are appropriately maintained and cared for—enabling you to keep your employees, customers, or building tenants comfortable no matter what the temperatures are outside. Just like any other mechanical system, though, they can suffer from breakdowns among other operational problems.

If your commercial air conditioning system breaks down, you want it to be fixed fast, and fixed correctly so it can get back up and running quickly for minimal business disruption. We all know how uncomfortable it can get indoors for employees or tenants when an AC isn’t functioning properly—not to mention how it can turn customers away. But why hire a professional for your commercial AC repairs?

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Is Your Heat Pump Struggling?

Monday, November 7th, 2016

We don’t use our heating systems much here in Florida, and as such many homeowners choose to forgo the traditional furnace or boiler for a heat pump, as they can effectively cool and heat a home. But because we rely on these systems so much all summer long, the wear and tear that it accumulates will grow pretty quickly.

This means that before our heating season hits—albeit short—your heat pump is prone to internal problems. In order to keep your heat pump in the best condition possible, it’s important to keep it well maintained, and stay on top of any repair needs that may crop up. But how do you know if you have a problem?

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