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West Palm Beach Air Conditioning Tip: AC and Humidity Control

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Living in Florida means that you need to have a good air conditioning system to stay cool. So how can you use your air conditioning system to control the humidity in your home? Here at Envirotech we wanted to put together a quick explanation of how your air conditioning system manages your home’s humidity. Give us a call if you need any kind of West Palm Beach air conditioning services like installation, repair or maintenance.

We all love the sunshine and the heat that we get here in Florida. But it can get very humid which can sometimes make the heat almost unbearable. So how does your air conditioning system keep your home’s air so nice and cool and dry?

If you’ve ever taken a cold glass outside on a hot day, then you’ve witnessed the phenomenon of condensation forming on the outside of the glass. This happens because hot air is able to hold more moisture than cold air. As the warm outside air cools against the glass, it releases its moisture which gathers on the outside of your glass.

The same thing happens with your air conditioning system as it pulls in warm, moist air from your home. Your AC pushes the warm air across a series of very cold coils which causes the warm air to release its moisture onto the coils. This strips the air of moisture which reduces the humidity in your home.

However, in order to accomplish this, your air conditioning system needs to run for extended periods of time so that it can remove the moisture from as mush air as possible.

My Home Has High Humidity: What Does This Mean?

If your home’s air is too humid, it could be from a couple of different issues. It could be that your AC is too big for your home and it is short cycling, which means that it is turning on and off again very quickly. This won’t allow it to interact with enough air in your home and it won’t remove enough moisture. The other issue could be that your home’s compressor is broken or you have low refrigerant, both of which can cause your AC to not cool the air enough and therefore prevent proper dehumidification. The third possibility is that you need a whole house dehumidifier to control the humidity of your home, since your AC can only remove so much moisture from your air.

When you need any kind of West Palm Beach air conditioning services, just contact the specialists at Envirotech Air Quality Services.

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Wellington, FL Air Conditioning Tip: What Does Refrigerant Do?

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

When reading about air conditioning units, you may find that the word “refrigerant” comes up quite a bit. But what is refrigerant, and what purpose does it serve? In Wellington, FL, air conditioning plays a vital role in maintaining household comfort levels amid the sultry temperatures of summer. Refrigerants play a huge role in that. Understanding how is key to understanding why your air conditioning works the way it does.

Refrigerant is an essential part of the cooling cycle of your AC. As the refrigerant moves through the system between your indoor and outdoor unit, it absorbs the heat from warm air in your house and then releases it into the outdoors. As the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas, it’s temperature changes, and that is how your air conditioning system is able to cool the air in your home.

Refrigerants operate within a closed system in the air conditioning system, which prevents them from leaking out into the nearby environment. Theoretically, that means the refrigerant will last indefinitely. Unfortunately, air conditioners undergo wear and tear like any other mechanical system and refrigerant levels may run low over time. Leaks may develop in the system, releasing increasing amounts of coolant and necessitating repairs.

Despite their usefulness, refrigerants pose a health and environmental  hazard if not properly handled. Air conditioning technicians receive formal training and certification in the handling of refrigerants, and know how to recharge your system properly when refrigerant levels run low.

For that reason, it’s important to call in a service technician for refrigerant issues rather than attempting to address the problem yourself.  The trained professionals at Envirotech Air Quality Services can recharge your refrigerant, deal with leaks and maintain a regular maintenance program to keep your air conditioner in peak efficiency. We handle air conditioning in Wellington, FL and throughout the Palm Beach area. If you have any questions or concerns about refrigerant in your air conditioning unit, give us a call and schedule a service appointment today.

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West Palm Beach Air Conditioning FAQ: How Does Air Conditioning Work

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

For many Florida residents, having air conditioning is simply synonymous with having a home. There’s no getting around the fact that we live in a climate whose heat and humidity require cooling solutions that are durable, powerful, and efficient. But do you know what components comprise your AC? Being more informed about how your AC works is a great way to make sure that you know when something goes wrong with its operation.

Refrigerant is an essential part of your AC, flowing through a circuit of coils, compressor, and expansion valve. Beginning with the compressor, low-pressure gas is compressed into a high temperature, high pressure gas that is then dispersed through the outdoor condenser coil by means of an exhaust fan. This is essentially the thermal energy taken from your indoor air, but brought to a temperature higher than that of the outdoors in order to dissipate effectively. After the refrigerant is condensed, it is then expanded by a valve that meters the flow of refrigerant, which causes it cool rapidly. It’s now ready to be used for cooling.

Your evaporator coil circulates cold refrigerant, and the warm air from your home is blown through the coils to cool the air. The evaporator coil is often pyramid-shaped and sits within the indoor air handler, typically above the blower motor.  Your indoor evaporator coil must be kept clean at all times in order to be effective, and any airflow or low refrigerant issues can cause your evaporator to freeze over. The refrigerant then returns to the compressor, and the refrigerant cycle begins again.

For more information about your air conditioning system, or to schedule an installation, repair, or maintenance, call for West Palm Beach air conditioning services from Envirotech.


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Lake Worth, FL Air Conditioning Tip: Keeping Costs Down

Monday, July 8th, 2013

It is truly amazing to live in Florida and get to experience all of the warm weather and sunshine. But homeowners here also need to have good air conditioning in their Lake Worth, FL homes for when they want to relax inside in the cool air. With energy prices seemingly on the rise each year, homeowners are also looking for any way that they can keep costs down at their home. Here at Envirotech we are dedicated to the comfort of our customers, which is why we wanted to put together a quick list of some easy things that you can do to make sure that your AC works as efficiently as possible.

  • Get a tune-up – One of the best things that you can do for the efficiency of your air conditioning system is to get it regularly maintained and tuned up. As your AC system operates it will start to degrade and develop small problems and issues that reduce its efficiency. But when you have an air conditioning expert regularly inspecting, repairing and cleaning out your system they will be able to find those problems and fix them.
  • Change your air filter – Probably the most common cause of air conditioning problems is a clogged air filter. Your AC has an air filter in it that is meant to protect the moving parts from any dust or debris that could get sucked in. If the air filter gets clogged it will likely restrict the flow of air into your system which will make your AC system work harder and reduce its efficiency.
  • Get your ducts sealed Another huge waster of air conditioning energy is leaking or cracked ductwork. Whether it’s from bad installation or just old age, your ducts can start to develop holes that will let cool air leak out. This can waste a ton of energy and also reduce the comfort of your home.
  • Get your ducts cleaned Even if your ducts aren’t leaking air, they could still be clogged with debris and other contaminants. These blockages will restrict the flow of air through the ducts and make your AC work harder to cool your home.

For air conditioning services in Lake Worth, FL, make sure that you call Envirotech. We can help you keep your energy usage down and keep your home comfortable. Give us a call today to talk with one of our friendly professionals.

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Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

The 4th of July will forever hold a very special place in the history of the United States of America. On this day in 1776, the second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.

Not only is Independence Day an important day in our nation’s history, but for many people it is a day that is filled with memories from celebrations of years past. Fireworks, barbeques, baseball games, fairs, carnivals, patriotic music and ceremonies are all scattered through our memories as we’ve participated in annual parties, get-togethers, picnics and family gatherings throughout the years. John Adams, our 2nd president, was right when he said that our Independence Day “…ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”

The 4th of July is truly a day to enjoy but also to remember and respect the sacrifice that many brave men and women made over 200 years ago to give us the freedom that we cherish today. However you celebrate Independence Day, make sure that you take a moment to remember what this day is really about.

We wish you a safe and happy 4th of July!

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