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West Palm Beach, FL Air Conditioning Installation: Why Replace Your Indoor and Outdoor Unit at the Same Time

Monday, April 29th, 2013

If your West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning system no longer works properly, or has become damaged and is in need of repair, then you may be tempted to replace only one of the two units. While this is possible in some cases, your indoor and outdoor units need to be professionally matched if they are to cooperate efficiently. The most important aspect of the process, however, is to ensure that your new AC is installed by a qualified professional. For more information about West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning installation, call Envirotech Air Quality Services today!

All air conditioners use a compressor to circulate pressurized refrigerant through the condenser and evaporator coils, and every type has an air handler. Central air and the heat pump are basic split systems, with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, while the ductless mini split has the same setup, except that the indoor air handler sits right inside the living space. Which ever system you have, your condenser/compressor and the evaporator/air handler work in concert.

Therefore, they need to be properly matched. For example, they need to have the same refrigerant. Because R-22 is currently being phased out of production, finding a new indoor unit to match your outdoor unit may be more difficult than it seems. R-410A is the new standard, and refrigerant retrofitting is not always possible. Moreover, all of the components of the AC need to be appropriately sized for one another, so that the system can operate efficiently.

There are other considerations as well. For example, your manufacturer’s warranty may stipulate a certain type of indoor unit (or vice versa). The copper lineset, which connects the indoor to the outdoor unit may or may not have to replaced, depending on its condition, and whether it can be thoroughly cleaned and tested to ensure that it doesn’t leak refrigerant.

We hope you found this brief guide helpful. For more information about what your AC needs in order to work properly, call the West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning installation experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services today!

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West Palm Beach Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Minimizing AC Repair Needs

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Homeowners throughout the West Palm Beach area are looking for ways to minimize their AC repair needs this summer. Fortunately, taking care of your AC cannot only reduce the need for repairs; it can also improve your energy efficiency, extend the life of your system, and may even be required to uphold your manufacturer’s warranty. Prevention is the key to the efficiency and effectiveness of your cooling system, whatever type or brand it may be. In this post, we’d like to give you some tips about how to minimize your repair needs. For exceptional West Palm Beach air conditioning repair, call the pros at Envirotech Air Quality Services today!

  • Regularly check your air filter: During the cooling season, make sure to check your air filter on a regular basis: about once a month, if not more. If it is dirty or clogged, make sure to clean or replace it. This is one of the critical tasks every homeowner should be sure to complete. Your air filter is designed to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, but when it becomes dirty or clogged, it can actually begin to work against the air conditioner by restricting airflow.
  • Keep the surrounding area clean and clear: Make sure that your outdoor unit does not have any vegetation encroaching on its sides or tops. That includes grass, trees, as well as fallen organic debris like leaves and twigs. Even minor disruptions of the heat dissipation process can have adverse effects on the energy efficiency of your home, as well as increase the risks of AC problems that require repair.
  • Enroll in a preventative maintenance program: This is by far the best way to reduce the need for repairs. Biannual visits ensure that your coils are free of debris and mold, your compressor is operating properly, and your refrigerant level is correct, among other duties.

Make sure that any repairs are taken care of by certified professionals. For West Palm Beach air conditioning repair services, call the pros at Envirotech Air Quality Services today!

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Wellington, FL Air Conditioning Repair: Why is My AC Freezing Up?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

A frozen evaporator coil in your AC is a warning sign that something is wrong with your cooling system. This can happen frequently during periods of high humidity, when the natural dehumidification process is overwhelmed by the amount of water vapor in the air. It’s important to seek professional assistance as soon as you notice the freezing. In this post, we’d like to address this concern by explaining some possible causes. For more information, or to schedule Wellington, FL air conditioning repair, call Envirotech Air Quality Services today!

  • Clogged air filter: The air filter on your AC unit is designed not simply to prevent dust and debris from entering your home, but to protect the sound operation of your equipment, which will not work properly if covered in dust. Air filters should be checked at least once per month during the cooling season so that they can be cleaned or replaced when dirty or clogged. If your filter is clogged, it not only affects the cleanliness of your equipment, but it also reduces airflow. This is a common cause of frozen coils.
  • Low refrigerant: You may have come across the word “charge” when your AC was installed. The level of refrigerant running through the cooling cycle is known as its “charge,” and when this becomes low or insufficient, your coils may ice over quickly. Your system needs the correct amount of refrigerant for the heat absorption and dissipation processes to work.
  • Fan motor malfunction: Your air handler has a fan inside that extracts air from your home and sends cooled air throughout the ductwork. If there is a malfunctioning motor or faulty fan motor relay, then this air handler fan will not operate appropriately. The air in your home is an important part of the cooling process—it works with levels of refrigerant to produce the cooling effect. If this part of the process is disrupted, then it can lead to evaporator coil freeze-ups.

We hope this brief explanation gives you some idea of the complexity of your AC system, which relies on the cooperation of its parts. When you need Wellington, FL air conditioning repair, don’t wait; call the experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services to ensure that your system is ready to work all summer long. 

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Recognizing the Need for Air Conditioning Repair in West Palm Beach, FL

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Sometimes it can be difficult to assess the need for air conditioning repair. After all, you know that a little bit of noise is acceptable, and it’s hard to distinguish whether your AC is as efficient or powerful as it was last year. While a little bit of depreciation is expected during the course of your air conditioner’s lifespan, sudden shifts in cooling performance or efficiency should not be merely accepted at face value. Spring is a great time to take control of your AC to ensure that your cooling system works well all summer long. With a little bit of attention and care, you can recognize the need for air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, FL. Call Envirotech Air Quality Services for comprehensive air conditioning services!

Let’s take a look at a few indications that your AC may be in need of repair:

  • Inadequate cooling. Does your air conditioner no longer perform as it once did? Or does warm air emerge from your duct registers instead of the cool air you have come to expect? If you have a clogged air filter, your evaporator coil may have frozen over, which can drastically reduce the cooling performance of your AC. Alternatively, there may be a problem with your blower motor, which may not be able to distribute the cool air effectively through the ductwork.
  • Hot spots. If it feels as though there are several spots in your home that, for some reason or another, do not cool down, you may need professional air conditioning repair. Hot spots often indicate a system imbalance in the forced air distribution system, or even a refrigerant leak.
  • Excessive noise. If your AC has become significantly louder over the years, then it may be in need of repair. Grinding can indicate a dry or loose bearing in the blower or fan motor, while buzzing can often indicate an electrical problem.

If you feel that your AC is inadequate to the task of keeping you cool this summer, speak to a professional about your options. For air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, FL, call Envirotech Air Quality Services today! 

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West Palm Beach Air Conditioning Installation: Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Summertime in West Palm Beach is a beautiful time of the year. For those residents that appreciate fun filled, hot summer days there is nothing better. Even for homeowners that love the heat, though, a reliable air conditioning system is a must. Summers can be long and very harsh here, and everyone needs a break from the heat at some point. With the great services offered by the West Palm Beach air conditioning installation technicians at Envirotech you can enjoy cool, comfortable temperatures in your home no matter how hot it may get outside. Call today to learn more, and consider these tips on how to get your home ready for summer.

While a new air conditioning installation from a qualified professional is a great way to prepare your home for the coming heat, there are many other ways in which you may do so. When the time comes to turn your AC on, make a quick stop at your local hardware store. Shrink wrapping your windows and installing simple weather stripping in your door frames are a few affordable, easy ways to boost energy efficiency in your home.

If you do choose to schedule an air conditioning installation this year, make sure that you schedule it prior to the start of the cooling season. This will help ensure that any unexpected hot days early in the year will not result in disruption to your comfort. Plus, the closer the air conditioning season gets the busier your air conditioning technicians are likely to be. When you schedule your air conditioning installation service before the temperature gets too hot you will have an easier time finding an installation time that works for you.

For more information about getting your home ready for the heat of the summer months, call Envirotech. Our professional West Palm Beach air conditioning installation professionals will ensure that your air conditioner is properly sized and expertly installed for great efficiency and a reliable performance. We want to make sure that you are able to keep your home as comfortable as possible, so contact us today to schedule service.

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