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How AC Maintenance Can Save You Money in West Palm Beach, FL

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Envirotech Air Quality Services can help you maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the air conditioning system in your West Palm Beach, FL home. We are experts at repairing and solving problems with your AC. During the hot and humid summer months in south Florida, homeowners know that without the proper upkeep, air conditioning system can often run into problems. Ensuring that your central air conditioner or ductless mini splits are operating correctly is as important as making sure your air is circulating properly and your home is adequately ventilated. If you have a problem with your air conditioner, call the West Palm Beach, FL air conditioning experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services today.

AC maintenance is the first step to ensuring the longevity of your cooling system. If your cooling system is not operating as it once did, or it feels to you as though it could do better, it may be time to change an air filter, to clean the ductwork, or adjust the level of refrigerant in your AC. These are common reasons for inefficient cooling. Scheduling routine preventive maintenance not only gives you a comprehensive inspection of all air conditioner components, it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner is performing at the height of its ability. At Envirotech Air Quality Services, our maintenance program includes bi-annual visits, during which we perform a range of check-ups and cleanings, including:

  • Inspect condenser and evaporator coils. Remove any debris or build-up. They also need to be checked for any frost, which can indicate a condensation problem.
  • Check and calibrate your thermostat. The thermostat is the homeowner’s way to control the system. Occasionally, it requires adjustment so that it responds to your cooling needs.
  • Check compressor. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant that drives the cooling cycle.
  • Check and secure fan blades. This is not only a safety issue but also one that can dramatically affect the efficiency of your system. Loose fan blades also tend to make a lot of noise.

The AC maintenance team does more than this, but this gives you an idea of the primary preventative maintenance areas. Call Envirotech Air Quality Services to talk to us about how air conditioning maintenance can save you money. Catching problems while they are still small is the first step to ensuring the longevity of your West Palm Beach, FL cooling system. Call us today. 

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Trane 16 SEER Sale!

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Trane 16 SEER HVAC Sale

Trane 16 SEER Sale

Prices starting at $2720 (After FPL rebate)

Digital Programmable thermostat included in price

16 SEER Systems qualify for federal tax credit of up to $300

10 year limited warranty


2 Ton: $2802

2.5 Ton $2801

3 Ton $2811

4 Ton $3103

5 Ton (dual stage compressor) $3699

Prices are for credit purchases. 3% discount for check/cash payment.

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Common Areas In Your Wellington, FL Home For Mold Removal

Monday, February 18th, 2013

In the humid south Florida climate, moisture can accumulate in your home, allowing mold to grow. When thinking about mold removal in your Wellington, FL home, there are several areas of your home worth inspecting first. Because mold grows quickly and exposure can lead to health problems, it is imperative that you understand which areas of your home are particularly prone to mold growth. The air quality professionals at Envirotech can ensure that mold is removed from your home quickly and safely.

Mold thrives in moist and dark conditions. Combating the growth of mold means discovering those areas of your home which are particularly moist. Due to their extensive plumbing, bathrooms and kitchens require sufficient ventilation and drainage systems in order to properly circulate air in and out. If you see black spots around drains, on the shower ceiling, or behind the toilet, it might indicate a more systemic problem. Other spots to check include any entrances or exits to the house, including exterior doors and windows, as well as any air intake points. Mold can grow on virtually any moist surface: drywall, insulation products, carpet, fabric and upholstery, wallpaper, and paint. In many cases, you can both see and smell mold, but it often goes undetected for long periods of time when it exists behind walls or in other hard-to-reach spots.

If your home has ever suffered flood damage, major plumbing accidents, or any other type of water-based damage, your Wellington, FL home may have a mold problem. Remember that mold problems are notoriously difficult to resolve and that they require the care and expertise of a specialist. If you are suffering from unexpected coughing, sneezing, headaches, or rashes caused by household mold, do not wait to call a mold removal expert. For expert service, call Envirotech today. 

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West Palm Beach Mold Removal Question: Why Use Infrared Diagnostic Imaging to Find Mold?

Monday, February 11th, 2013

With all the humidity that we get here in Florida, mold is can be a problem for many homeowners. However, mold often develops in areas of your home that aren’t usually visible like in attics, ducts or behind walls. While it is possible to remove the stucco on your wall or remove the tiles in your bathroom to find the mold, using an infrared diagnostic imaging device offers many benefits to our technicians. If you suspect that you have mold in your home, call Envirotech Air Quality Services for mold remediation in West Palm Beach.

How to Tell If You Have Mold

Because of the high level of humidity in the air here in West Palm Beach, keeping an eye out for mold is critical to your home and to your health. Mold spores can actually be toxic in high enough levels.

  • Odor – If you start to notice a musty odor in certain places in your home, you could be smelling mold in the air. Mold reproduces by sending out spores into the air. When they land on something they can start to grow and form more mold.
  • Visual – If you see more mold starting to grow around your bathroom or other rooms in your home, it could indicate that you have mold growing elsewhere in your home.
  • Recent Water Damage – If you’ve recently had a burst pipe or flood in your home, it could mean that you might have mold growth in your home.

Infrared Diagnostic Imaging

Our technicians use infrared diagnostic imaging to let us see through the walls and ceilings of your home so that we can see mold growth, water leaks, wet spots and other problem areas in your home. When you need mold remediation in West Palm Beach, you want it to get done fast. With infrared diagnostic imaging equipment our technicians can find the problems and target their cleaning efforts there.

If you suspect that you need mold remediation in West Palm Beach, call Envirotech Air Quality Services today. We can send our experts to your home and they can quickly find the mold and get rid of it. Call us today.

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Lake Worth, FL Air Conditioning Guide: The Nexia Home Intelligence System and Your AC

Monday, February 4th, 2013

While some homeowners still choose to use the old manual style thermostats you remember from years past, most have now at least upgraded to a digital thermostat. They are easier to read and accurately set. Programmable thermostats offer even more control to boost energy efficiency. These devices allow you to set up temperature maintenance programs specific to your schedule. This lets you keep your Lake Worth, FL home comfortable all day without using as much energy as you would otherwise.

For true control over the way in which your air conditioning system uses energy, though, consider the installation of a Nexia Home Intelligence System in your home. This incredible system gives you more control over energy use in your home than ever before. Contact Envirotech for more information.

Nexia Home Intelligence can be integrated into your heating and cooling system. This system allows you to control your heater and air conditioner from the thermostat, your computer, or even remotely from a smartphone. You can manage temperatures from anywhere with an internet connection, and Nexia allows you to track energy use in your home to pinpoint where your dollars are going.

We have all left the house in a hurry at some point. It is pretty annoying to realize on your commute that you have forgotten to turn your air conditioner down. Unless you have the luxury of turning around and going back home to do so, you would previously have to cut your losses and pay to cool an empty house all day. With the installation of a Nexia home intelligence system you can simply access your air conditioning system from your office or place of business.

The more control you have over the operation of your air conditioning system, the more efficiently you are able to use that system. Nexia Home Intelligence is all about giving you that level of control. Of course, its applications extend far beyond air conditioning.

With appliance modules you can control your television, stereo and other electronics remotely. You can even double check to ensure that you locked your windows and doors with the integration of sensors. Contact Envirotech to discuss the installation of a Nexia Home Intelligence system in your Lake Worth, FL home.

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