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Palm Beach Heat Pump Guide: Heat Pump Performance Problems

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Heat pumps certainly sound like a great alternative to gas and oil burning furnaces, but every system has their fair share of performance issues. Here are some of the issues you might face if you have a heat pump installed  in Palm Beach and what actions you can take to deal with them.

  • Improper Charge – While packaged heat pumps are often charged at the factory, meaning they are almost always charged properly, split heat pumps are charged at your home and can be improperly charged with too much or too little refrigerant in many cases. When this happens, you need a Palm Beach heat pump professional to carefully measure and correct the imbalance and get it right.
  • Air Flow Issues – Airflow should be carefully measured to between 400 and 500 cfm (cubic feet per minute) for every ton of capacity. This measurement should have been performed by the installing technician when your heat pump was first setup. If it was not or if you are unsure as you bought your home with the current heat pump, you can have a load calculation performed to determine if such a problem is present.
  • Other Energy Losses – Other sources of energy loss in a heat pump include dirty evaporator coils, dirty ductwork, leaky ductwork and improperly calibrated fan speed. All of these issues can be fixed by a technician but it is important that you call someone as soon as you notice any such issue to ensure it is repaired as quickly as possible.

A heat pump, when properly installed and well maintained is a highly efficient solution for your Palm Beach home’s heating and cooling needs. So if any of the issues listed above are starting to crop up, call Envirotech Air Quality Services who can fix them and get your system to the point it is supposed to be for proper operation.

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Boynton Beach Air Conditioning Question: Why Is My AC Buzzing?

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Some Boynton Beach air conditioning systems make quite a bit of noise. During standard operation alone, they can make several different sounds – from rattling and clacking to the constant hum of the motor. However, the sound should be consistent and should not be overwhelming. A buzzing sound is almost certainly a sign of a problem, but how serious is that problem and should you act on it immediately or wait a bit to see if it goes away? There are three possible reasons for a buzzing sound from your air conditioner – here is what each means:

  1. Faulty Disconnect – If the compressor tries to start and cannot, it will make a buzzing sound. This is usually due to a faulty disconnect or bad fuse. A bad fuse can be replaced quickly by the homeowner, but a bad disconnect should be inspected and checked by a Boynton Beach AC professional. Because this involves working with  heavy electrical equipment, special tools and expertise are needed to complete the work safely.
  2. Missing Isolation Feet – Your air conditioner has rubber feet inside that hold up the compressor to minimize vibrations and keep the system stable. If the system is older, those feet can harden and crack, or they could have been faulty to start with. If this happens, it can result in a buzzing sound as the compressor vibrates against the concrete below.
  3. Loose Parts – Loose parts due to bad washers, loose bolts or other mechanical issues can also cause a buzzing sound. This is often very easily fixed though you will likely need a professional to fully diagnose the problem before repairs can be made.

There are other issues that can result in a buzzing or similar type of sound. They include things like a failing contactor or failing hard start capacitor. Most such problems are electrical in nature, however, and therefore require a professional to repair. If this is the case, call Envirotech Air Quality Services right away to inspect and check your system to find and eliminate the cause of the buzzing.

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Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Tip: Duct Sealing and Energy Efficiency

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Duct sealing is one of simplest measures that you can take to enjoy several benefits. Having your Fort Lauderdale home’s duct system sealed properly can make it safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

  • Duct Sealing Provides Energy Savings

Duct sealing can help you save a lot of money in your monthly utility bills. Studies prove that leaky air ducts can result in a 20% to 40% increase in home heating and cooling costs. Duct sealing helps increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system considerably and provides greater energy savings. It is the least expensive step you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

  • Safety

Duct sealing not only helps you achieve energy efficiency, but also makes your home a safer place to live in. Leaks in air ducts can allow all types of contaminants and allergens into the air in your home. Sealing your ducts helps improve the quality of your indoor air and so protects you and your loved ones from many health hazards.

  • Help the Environment

By sealing your ducts properly, you are doing your part to help protect the environment. Since duct sealing helps reduce energy wastage dramatically, it allows you to do your part to conserve energy. If you we use lesser energy, we can reduce the amount of pollution we create. Duct sealing offers an easy way to make our environment cleaner and healthier every day.

  • Increased Comfort

Leaky air ducts are one of the main reasons for reduced or inconsistent airflow in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Duct sealing helps regulate the HVAC systems in your home, thereby enhancing your comfort. It also helps the HVAC system to work at its peak efficiency, which in turn helps you achieve even greater energy savings.

With ever increasing energy prices, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut their utility bills.  However, you can reduce your energy bills by avoiding energy waste, and duct sealing is the most effortless way to do this.  So check your ducts for leakage regularly and have them sealed by trained Fort Lauderdale duct sealing professionals to achieve the highest possible levels of energy efficiency for your home. To schedule an appointment today, give Envirotech Air Quality Services a call!


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How Much Can a High Efficiency A/C Save Me?

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

AC Energy Savings | West Palm Beach | Envirotech Air Quality SystemsYou hear about the great energy savings with new high efficiency air conditioning systems all the time. Have you ever wondered how much you can actually save with a new A/C? The Florida Power & Light Company has put together an easy to use savings calculator and buyers guide for Florida residents looking to increase their energy savings.

Find out how much you can save with the Annual Cooling Cost Calculator!

You can even qualify for money saving rebates if you purchase and install a qualifying system!

In order to qualify for a valuable A/C Buying Rebate, you must:
  • Purchase and install a complete high-efficiency A/C system. This includes both indoor and outdoor A/C units.
  • Purchase a new A/C system that has a minimum SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of 14.
  • Purchase your A/C system through a Participating Independent Contractor (PIC)*.

Find out more on the FPL site! Envirotech Air Quality Services provides top quality air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach and throughout South Florida.

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West Palm Beach Mold Removal Question: What is Infrared Diagnostic Imaging?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Mold detection used to be a very complex process. It required careful analysis of your entire West Palm Beach home, starting with problem areas and radiating out to other regions that could be affected by dampness and air flow issues. As a result, the detection process was often very expensive and wasn’t always 100% accurate. Today, technology has made it possible to detect and pinpoint mold sources much more quickly using infrared diagnostic imaging.

Infrared diagnostic imaging is a system that detects areas of moisture and heat inside your walls. Using infrared technology, this system seeks out areas that are slightly warmer than others, usually a sign of water build up or damage. Because water damage or a small leak behind a wall or under a floorboard is often a precursor to mold growth, this system not only makes it possible to find existing mold much more easily, but it allows you to address possible sources of mold growth before they become an issue.

Why is this system so ideal for anyone concerned about mold in their homes? Consider the fact that traditional abatement often requires removal of insulation, dry wall, wood, carpet and stucco inside a home. Thousands of dollars might be spent looking for and removing mold when it is only in a couple of specific places. Infrared diagnostic imaging allows you to learn exactly where mold is located before any action is taken to remove it.

Even more importantly, this technology enables your West Palm Beach mold removal contractor to find mold in places it might have previously remained hidden like corners, vaulted ceilings or crawl spaces. These areas required human inspection and careful lab testing before. Today, the diagnostic machines will pinpoint mold almost anywhere.

This is a system that requires professional operation so if you are concerned and want your home scanned, it is best to call Envirotech Air Quality Services – you can rely on us to get the job done right.

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