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Summer Air Conditioning Sale! Amana

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Amana AC Sale | Palm Beach | Envirotech Air Quality ServicesIncredibly low prices, and tremendous value for Amana ASXC16 SEER and Amana ASXC18 SEER systems!

Amana 16 and 18 SEER systems come with manufacturer’s LIFETIME compressor warranty and 10 year warranty on all other parts plus a FREE 10 year labor warranty.

1) lifetime compressor warranty, the 10 year parts warranty and the 10 year labor warranty

2) 10 year parts warranty on other parts

3) 10 Year labor warranty included in our incredibly low price

Never pay for replacement compressor if ever needed

No cost for replacement parts if needed  for 10 years

NO LABOR COST FOR REPAIRS (maintenance not included) for 10 years!

These benefits will significantly reduce the cost of any needed repairs over the life of the system.

Call today for more information and pricing.

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AC Question from Palm Beach: How to Tell if Your Central AC Has a Refrigerant Leak

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Refrigerant leaks in central AC systems happen when the seals, hoses or other components can no longer hold up to the pressures placed on them by the air conditioner as it runs.  Envirotech Air Quality Services has a team of AC specialists that work with air conditioning systems every day and can properly identify if your central AC has a refrigerant leak, but it is also important that you know the warning signs as well.

Warning Signs of a Central AC Refrigerant Leak

One of the most common symptoms of a central AC refrigerant leak is when cool air stops being produced.  This results in a warm building, even when the air conditioner has been running more than normal.  When the AC is low on refrigerant it cannot properly cool the coils which air moves over in order to become colder, thus producing either the same temperature of air or only a slightly cooler temperature of air that does not properly cool a space as it once did.

In some cases low refrigerant can cause coils to become overly cool and then frost over.  This happens when an AC system has been working extra hard to try and keep a building to the proper temperature and as such never shuts down, causing the coils to frost over, and causing an additional problem.

A refrigerant leak will also result in higher electricity bills.  This is because your AC will work harder at trying to cool the air when it can never quite reach the goal.  An overworked air conditioner will waste energy by running continually, and increasing those monthly energy bills.  With just a 10% refrigerant leak an AC will cause up to a 20% increase in your electric bills.

And of course, the best way to determine if you have a central air conditioning refrigerant leak is to have a professional Palm Beach AC technician perform a test on your refrigerant lines.  If a refrigerant leak is found, the root cause of the leak can be fixed, rather than just patching up the problem temporarily by adding more refrigerant.  If a leak is not fixed the leakage will continue to escalate until multiple portions of your AC system are affected, even causing failure of the air conditioner to occur.

Let the AC professionals at Envirotech Air Quality Services be your guide through the AC inspection process and determine whether your loss of cooling, frosted coils, or high energy bills are indications of a refrigerant leak.  Contact Envirotech and get the quality AC services that you need to ensure your air conditioning system once again functions well by properly cooling your indoor space even through the hottest days.

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Palm Beach Gardens Air Conditioning Tip: Common Causes of AC Failure

Monday, August 20th, 2012

When your Palm Beach Gardens air conditioner stops working you’ll want to have it fixed fast. There are many reasons your air conditioner may fail, and it is helpful to be aware of some of them.

Human Error

It may sound obvious, but check the setting of your air conditioner. It’s always possible that you accidentally set the temperature too high so your air conditioner does not kick in. Make sure that thermostat is set “cool” and that everything is plugged in. Ensuring that these simplest of problems are not the culprit is the best place to start.

Dirty Filters or Ice Build-Up

Low output of cold air could be due to dirty air filters, ice build-up on coils, or air duct problems. Dirty air filters that need to be replaced can weaken airflow.  Ice build-up on the coils can cause major blockages which reduce the amount of cold air output.  If air ducts have become disconnected or have leaks it can cause air to go into unused spaces.

Improper Refrigerant Charge

An AC that does not cool the air properly can be caused by a few things: there could be low refrigerant charge, a refrigerant leak, or a worn out or broken compressor.  With low refrigerant levels or a low refrigerant charge comes a decrease in how much cold air the AC can create.  This can be caused by a slow refrigerant leak or an AC that has not been properly maintained.  If the compressor has worn out or is broken it will also affect how well the air conditioner cools the air, causing the air to still blow but at an undesirable temperature.

Water Leaks

Air conditioners that leak water could have a condensate pump or condensate drain problem. It could also mean that the pool drip pan is full, causing the automatic sensor to turn off the air conditioner to prevent overflow.

We hope that this information is helpful. It’s always good to keep informed, but remember that any maintenance or repairs on your air conditioner should be performed only by professionals.  Call Envirotech for all your Palm Beach Gardens air conditioning needs.

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New Features Available in Central AC Systems in Palm Beach

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Central air conditioning systems tend to get more complex and better as time progresses.  There are a number of very helpful features available in central AC systems that were not available in years past.  The  air conditioning experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services can help you understand each of these central AC features and how they can help with your air conditioning needs.

Central AC System Features to Look For

Every central AC system has its own unique features and knowing a little more about each of these central air conditioning features can help you determine which ones are the most pertinent to your specific home or office space.

  • Type:  Many central AC systems use ductwork systems in conjunction with both an air conditioning unit and a separate heating unit.  However, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps both offer the option of air conditioning and heating the air indoors with the use of one central cabinet.
  • Size:  Air conditioning capacity and AC size are important as each AC can provide cooled air for a certain sized space, according to the number of BTUs.
  • Energy Efficiency and SEER Ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio):  Government standards have been set which state that every air conditioner must have minimum of a SEER 13 rating.  SEER ratings range all the way up to SEER 27.  Higher SEER ratings mean higher initial price tags for air conditioners, but lower monthly utility bills for purchased energy.
  • Dual-Stage Compressor:  The compressor runs at higher speeds during times of high outdoor temperatures and at lower speeds on milder temperature days which saves energy.  This provides better humidity control and a compressor that runs much quieter.
  • Sound Dampening:  Insulation around the compressor and insulation from vibrations create an air conditioner that operates more quietly.
  • Thermal Expansion Valve:  The TEV controls how much refrigerant flows into the evaporator, keeping it functioning at a high level of efficiency.
  • Fan Only Switch:  This switch allows the ventilator to run even when the air conditioner is not needed, providing a fan function which improved ventilation.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel:  Control temperature settings on the thermostat and watch the AC self-diagnostics tool identify spots for troubleshooting AC issues.
  • Filter Check Light:  Easy notification for when the filter has become clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Warranty:  Manufacturers will often offer warranties on all parts for air conditioners that are installed by their approved vendors and AC companies.

Envirotech Air Quality Services has a team of certified AC technicians in Palm Beach that can help you understand these central AC features even further, ensuring you are one step closer to having the central air conditioning system that you need for your unique indoor space.

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Royal Palm Beach AC Guide: What To Do About Cool Spots

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Our Royal Palm Beach air conditioning systems are intended to keep us comfortably cool.  However, even if it’s 90 degrees outside and the air conditioner is blowing cold air directly on you, it can become uncomfortably cold quite quickly.  This could be an indication that your your air conditioning system is creating cool spots.

Air Conditioning Cool Spots

Cold spots can happen when an air conditioning system is not properly sized, or with a ductwork system that is not properly installed or not balanced at installation.  If you have a heating system that works with the same ductwork, you may also get hot spots when the heater is running.

When cold spots occur it is usually due to an oversized AC system.  This is because the air conditioner turns on and produces much more cold air than is necessary which results in a flood of cold air in a short amount of time.  The thermostat then detects this drastic change in air temperature and quickly shuts off, which means rather than having a comfortable space, your building feels cold and then hot quite quickly.  Since air conditioners are specifically sized to each space they should turn on for a longer period of time, keeping the entire space cool for longer without quickly shutting on and off repeatedly.

Conversely, if your air conditioning system is not powerful enough it will produce hot spots that never quite cool down because the cold air output is never quite enough.

The other problem could be with vents that are improperly placed or badly designed ducts.  Vents in strange places can cause pooling of cold air which will create cool spots, even if your AC system is the proper size.

Solutions to Cold Spots

When you notice an air conditioning cool spot, it is important to contact an AC company in Royal Palm Beach such as Envirotech.  We can check for the most common air conditioning problems that could be causing the cold spot to occur.  Our skilled technicians will compare the dimensions of your home or office with the capacity of your air conditioning and heating system to determine if your AC system is oversized or undersized.


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