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Nexia Home Intelligence Systems
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Nexia Home Intelligence Systems in West Palm Beach, FL by Envirotech Air Quality Services

There are a variety of thermostats on the market, but they all perform the same basic function. These devices allow you to set, regulate and maintain temperatures throughout your entire home, acting as a central control system. Modern technology has made it possible for you to control much more than just temperatures from the thermostat in your home though. Envirotech Air Quality Services is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Trane, an industry leader, to provide our customers with the Nexia Home Intelligence system advantage.

What is the Nexia Home Intelligence System?

If you have ever seen an old movie advertising the "home of the future," you may realize that that future is not so far off. The Nexia Home Intelligence system is an advanced home automation option that gives you more control over the equipment in your home than ever before. This control system acts as a thermostat, but that is just the beginning. Take advantage of the Nexia Home Intelligence system, and you will find yourself able to use energy in your home more efficiently than ever.

With the Nexia Home Intelligence system integrated into your home heating and air conditioning system, you can interact with this equipment from your thermostat, computer, or even remotely from your smartphone. Not only can you manage temperatures offsite to reduce energy consumption, but you can track and manage energy use over time and use that information to make your home more efficient than ever. The Nexia Home Intelligence system allows you more control over how and when energy is used in your home. Still, this barely scratches the surface of what Nexia has to offer.

Save More Energy with Appliance Modules

Have you ever left your home only to wonder if you remembered to turn off the television, stereo or other appliances? Nexia can put your mind at ease while eliminating the need to go back home and double check. Contact us today to learn more about the integration of appliance modules into your home’s Nexia Home Intelligence system. Did you leave the house with burning lights or running appliances draining energy? No problem. The appliance module will allow you to power down unnecessary appliance operations even if there is no one home.

Make Your West Palm Beach Home More Secure

With the Nexia Home Intelligence system you will never have to call a neighbor to check that your door or windows are locked again. With the integration of door and window sensors you can do this from wherever you happen to be. Set door passcodes for individual members of the family and receive wireless updates about which codes are being used. You can’t always be there to welcome your kids home from school, but Nexia makes it possible to know that they made it there safely. You can even monitor your home from an advanced camera system and utilize paid cloud storage for footage review. With Nexia the home security options are nearly endless. Contact a professional today to discuss the possibilities.

Call Envirotech Air Quality Services for More Information About Nexia

At Envirotech Air Quality Services, our goal is to keep you comfortable. Whether that is the comfort that comes from well–maintained temperatures, reduced energy costs or knowing that your home is safe and secure is up to you. If you are interested in more information about installing the Nexia Home Intelligence system in West Palm Beach or the surrounding areas, call us today.

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