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Ductless Mini Split Systems
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Ductless Mini Split Systems in West Palm Beach, FL by Envirotech Air Quality Services

There are a number of cooling solutions on the market today designed to provide ample comfort control to a large space. Ductless mini split systems are a unique solution in that they cool your home without having to install duct work. Ductless splits are also inexpensive to install and can be more energy efficient than traditional systems. That is why ductless mini split systems are becoming so popular for homeowners throughout the West Palm Beach area.


If you are interested in learning more about West Palm Beach ductless mini split air conditioners and how they can help you reduce your energy bills, call the experts of Envirotech Air Quality Services today. We can help you choose a new ductless system and then install it for you, so it provides home comfort for years to come.

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We Install Ductless Mini Split Systems

The first step is to choose a mini split system that is right for your home. It needs to be properly sized to fit the specific needs of your family. You need to know how many BTU’s are needed to properly cool the square footage of the room.

You will also need to decide how many cooling zone you would like. Normally one ductless split unit cools one room. However multiple zone split systems can cool many rooms with up to 6 rooms (or zones).

Other benefits of ductless mini splits are that the noisiest part of the system is located outdoors, you can save energy by adjusting the temperature room to room, and they are inexpensive to install. There are various types of indoor units. Some indoor units are installed on the wall, and others recessed, suspended, or concealed in the ceiling.

The installation process can be performed quickly and involves installing a condenser unit outside, the number of indoor cooling units your home needs, and the refrigerant lines and thermostats. If you are interested in having a ductless AC system installed in West Palm Beach, give us a call today!

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair

Once your new ductless system is installed, you need to make sure it keeps running properly. This is where regular maintenance comes in. We can inspect your system and provide a full tune up twice a year – once in the spring before cooling season and once in the fall before the heating season.

We also offer comprehensive repair services to fix any issues that have developed during the most recent heating or cooling season. We also have a technician on call 24/7 if an emergency should develop.

Whatever your ductless mini split air conditioner needs, call Envirotech Air Quality Services today for professional service in the West Palm Beach area.

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