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For the better part of the last three decades, Envirotech Air Quality Services has offered a full range of HVAC and indoor air quality services to homeowners throughout the greater south Florida area. If you are interested in having a new cooling or heating system installed or need someone to assist in reducing the pollutants present in your home’s indoor air, call us today for immediate service.

Living in Royal Palm Beach, FL

If you live in Royal Palm Beach, FL, you know how high the temperatures can get each summer and why, despite the exceptional weather each winter and fall, it is important to have your home ready for that weather. You want to remain comfortable at all times, not just when it is sunny outside.

Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

Living in Royal Palm Beach, FL, nothing is more important in your HVAC system than a good air conditioner. You want to know that when the weather outside gets uncomfortably warm, you will have somewhere cool and dry to relax. We can help you choose the right air conditioner for your home based on your specific cooling needs – the size of your home, insulation currently installed, existing ventilation and air handler and heating needs. We offer ductless mini split installation services for those without ductwork and can provide repair and maintenance services for existing air conditioners as well.

Do You Need Mold Removal Service in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

If mold becomes a problem in your home, call the experts trusted by homeowners throughout South Florida to pinpoint the sources of mold and expertly remove it before it can cause significantly health problems for any members of your family. We use only the newest technology on the market for all of our mold removal services in Royal Palm Beach, FL, so call today for expert service.

Do You Need a Heating System or Heater Services?

If your home’s heating system is ready for an upgrade or you need maintenance or repairs performed on your system, now is the time to call Envirotech Air Quality Services. We offer a full range of heating system installation, repair and maintenance services for homes and businesses throughout the Royal Palm Beach, FL area. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

If someone in your family suffers from allergies or the symptoms of asthma, you need to know that your indoor air quality will never worsen those symptoms. Call us today to learn about our full range of air quality improving devices including air cleaners, filters, and UV germicidal lights.

Do You Need Duct Cleaning Service in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

Ductwork is responsible for moving very large quantities of air between your HVAC system and every room of your home. If your ductwork is not clean problems can develop. Dirty ductwork – even just an eighth of an inch of dirt – can reduce efficiency in your entire HVAC system by up to 30% and reduce the air quality in your home. Call today to learn about our duct cleaning, sealing, and repair services in Royal Palm Beach, FL.

Whatever needs you have for your home or business in the Royal Palm Beach area, call us today.

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