How Can I Repair My Air Ducts?

April 13th, 2015

When in prime working condition, air ducts are an effective and convenient way in which to ensure that conditioned air from your HVAC system is able to reach all of the corners of one’s home. The problem is, though, that many different problems may develop with air ducts. Over time, moisture dripping onto ductwork can lead to corrosion, for example, while remodeling or plumbing services may inadvertently result in the tearing of air ducts. Whatever the cause of damage to your air ducts, you are wise to have them repaired as soon as a problem is evident. You are also wise to accept the fact that only professionals can complete effective duct repairs. Schedule your duct repair services in West Palm Beach, FL with Envirotech Air Quality Services.  Continue Reading

Is a Heat Pump a Good Option for Cooling My Home?

April 6th, 2015

Recent years have seen a lot of advancements in the residential cooling industry. With this in mind, modern homeowners really must stop and carefully consider their next move when trying to determine how best too cool their homes. One option that the professional HVAC technicians at Envirotech Air Quality Services often recommend to our valued clients in the West Palm Beach, FL area is the heat pump. Heat pumps offer a number of unique benefits to homeowners seeking the ideal residential cooling system. Consider the information below, and contact a member of our staff with any further questions that you may have. If, after careful consideration, you decide that a heat pump is the right option for your home, know that you can count on us to install and service your heat pump with the greatest of care.

In terms of whole-house cooling, heat pumps operate much like a traditional split central air conditioning system. Heat is removed from the air in your home, and the cooled air is then redistributed throughout the house via a system of air ducts. Heat pumps are a bit more advanced in their operation, though, and are actually able to reverse their refrigerant cycle with the use of a component called the reversing valve. This is what really sets this type of air conditioning system apart.

In truth, calling a heat pump an air conditioning system is only half right. Reversing the refrigerant cycle means that a heat pump can actually use the ambient heat in the air outside in order to heat a home during the winter season. Not only is this incredibly convenient, allowing for year round comfort while using just one system, but it also allows you to heat your house with great efficiency. The heat in the air outside is the main source of heat, and only a small amount of electricity is used in order to facilitate the heat transfer process. Because our winters are relatively mild, a heat pump is actually a very appropriate heating system as well.

Heat pumps are a great option for any homeowner in this area to consider, but they are not for everyone; no HVAC system is. Weigh your options carefully, and remember to enlist the help of a trained professional to guarantee that you make your choice wisely. If you decide that a heat pump is ideal for your home, Envirotech Air Quality Services is here to help you get the very best performance that yours has to offer.

Ways You May Be Damaging Your AC System

April 2nd, 2015

No air conditioning system will last forever, so you can expect to have to make repairs at some point in time. But are your actions incidentally contributing to a fast decline? If you don’t follow a few simple steps to keep your AC in prime condition, your air conditioner may actually fail long before its expected lifespan is over. You may also find yourself in need of repairs frequently. Call Envirotech Air Quality Services for air conditioning repair in Lake Worth, and take a look at some of the ways you may actually add to your AC’s woes.

  • Leaving your air filter untouched. Most homeowners associate the air filter in their HVAC systems with improving the indoor air quality. It’s true that this filter eliminates some harmful contaminants, but it also keeps your air conditioner out of trouble, as long as it’s kept clean. A dirty filter is too clogged for air to pass through with ease, so your air conditioning system will struggle to suck in warm air from the home, leading to mechanical problems.
  • Waiting to call for repairs. When a minor cooling issue comes your way, you may feel that you have time to delay air conditioning service for a while longer. But if you wait too long to schedule repairs, the problem can only worsen; it won’t get better on its own. You may end up with a total breakdown on your hands before long, on a day that you need it the most.
  • Running it non-stop throughout the day. If you keep your air conditioner running at low temperatures throughout the day, you’ll only wear out your system sooner. For optimum efficiency and lifespan, keep the temperature as high as is comfortable in the warmer months, and program your thermostat so that the temperature is higher when you’re away.
  • Neglecting to schedule maintenance. We recommend scheduling professional maintenance each year to keep your system out of trouble and at peak performance. A professional tune up includes cleaning and adjustments which can also dramatically lower your bills.

Get in touch with an expert at Envirotech Air Quality Services as soon as you notice trouble with your air conditioner. Call us today for air conditioning repair, maintenance, and more in Lake Worth and the nearby areas.

Nexia Home Intelligence Systems are perfect for your business security!

March 31st, 2015

Are you looking for a way to secure your business and manage your energy costs at the same time? Nexia Home Intelligence Systems allow you to check your office lights are set properly, your thermostat is off for the evening and much more! Not only can you check on energy saving items throughout your business but you can also view security cameras to monitor the security of the office while your away. We’ve added some screenshots below, call us today to find out how the Nexia system can help you run more efficiently and securely!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for the Spring

March 25th, 2015

Springs brings along some beautiful weather, but unfortunately, it also brings higher bills. As you start to run your air conditioner more often, it’s time to consider how you can keep your energy bills a little lower. You can do some of the most important spring AC maintenance tasks on your own, but others will require the help of a professional. Thankfully, the friendly folks at Envirotech Air Quality Services can help. Check out our tips for keeping your AC in top condition, and give us a call for professional air conditioning maintenance in West Palm Beach, FL.

  • Change Your Filter! – One of the most important things you can do for your air conditioner is to change the filter. You may think that the filter is only there to improve your air quality, but it serves other important purposes as well. An air filter’s primary purpose is to protect the AC unit itself. And if the filter is too clogged, there is not enough airflow over the coils, which can lead to frozen coils and reduced cooling capacity.
  • Make Efficient Choices – Another thing that’s of utmost importance is making efficient choices for your air conditioner. When you’re away, don’t leave the air conditioning system running at all times. Find an energy efficient temperature to program while you’re away, and only lower the temperature when you return. You can schedule the thermostat to lower the temperature thirty minutes before you arrive every day, but only if you have a programmable model.
  • Consider a New Thermostat – If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, it’s time for an upgrade. You can even purchase a smart thermostat which you can control via an app on your phone or tablet, so that you can make sure your AC operates efficiently from far away.
  • Schedule Maintenance – Be sure to schedule professional AC maintenance before the cooling season swings into full gear. Professional maintenance involves a thorough tune-up of your system which most homeowners are ill-equipped to handle, including testing for refrigerant leaks and electrical trouble and making some minor adjustments.

Call Envirotech Air Quality Services for air conditioning maintenance and more tips for your AC in West Palm Beach, FL. We can help make your unit last longer, work faster, and use less energy.

Nexia Home Intelligence Systems Screenshots by Envirotech

March 20th, 2015

Are you thinking about getting a Nexia Home Intelligence system but unsure of what to expect to see when you access the app or website? The Nexia Home Intelligence System allows you to access your thermostat for heating AND AC, check if your windows are unlocked, turn off/on lights, and much more!

Call Envirotech Air Quality Services to find out more about this service and what it can do for you, be a part of the future and find out why the Nexia System is a leader in the space! Check out the photos below for a real-time example of in use screenshots. Call today for all of your West Palm Beach area HVAC needs!

Choosing a Professional for Mold Remediation

March 18th, 2015

By the time you notice mold in your home, there’s no time to wait to schedule services in order to get rid of the issue. Finding a professional for mold remediation is an important step in this process. During mold remediation, a technician comes into your home to assess the damage that has incurred. They will find the precise location of mold throughout the home, and recommend services for removal. Don’t assume that the mold problem in your home is localized to one area. Call the mold remediation specialists at Envirotech Air Quality Services for mold services in Wellington today.

Mold remediation is a serious process, as a mold issue could cause your family members to become ill or experience a severe allergic reaction. Choosing a professional for mold remediation involves asking your technician a few questions about their level of experience. First, you want to make sure that this person has the proper tools for the job. You should check that the technicians you call have mold remediation equipment and experience that can help them to pin down the exact location of mold. A remediation specialist will have the right equipment to get the job done properly every step of the way and make sure that the problem is eliminated.

You also want to choose a contractor who will help you to find the source of the mold issue. Mold results from moisture that lingers on a surface, creating ideal conditions for mold spores to thrive. One of the most obvious reasons mold begins to develop is because of flooding. But there are some instances in which the cause is not so apparent. One common reason that mold forms is if you have issues with high humidity in your home. If this is the case, a technician may recommend running your air conditioner more often or installing a new humidifier. Your mold remediation expert may also discover that you have leaky pipes, a leaky AC system, or an issue with ventilation throughout the house. A good technician will report their findings and help you to find the right solution.

Don’t entrust mold remediation service in the Wellington area to just anyone. Envirotech Air Quality Services has superior remediation specialists who will work closely with you to track down mold, discuss your options for removal, and help you to prevent mold from reoccurring in the future. Call us today!

Air Conditioning FAQ: What Is the Compressor?

March 11th, 2015

There are many different types of air conditioners on the market today, from high-efficiency heat pumps to ductless units to the traditional split-system AC. What’s interesting is that although units vary greatly in size, efficiency, and performance, most use the same components to operate. A condenser coil, expansion valve, and condenser coil are all necessary for the refrigeration process, as are a chemical blend called refrigerant, a couple of fans, and one of the most important components—the compressor.

Learn about the compressor’s role in refrigeration in today’s guide. And call the experts at Envirotech Air Quality Services if you notice trouble with your air conditioning in Lake Worth.

The goal of refrigeration is to remove heat from a space. Refrigerant is a chemical blend that can easily convert from a liquid to a gas and back again under the right conditions. During the evaporation process, refrigerant can absorb heat, and during condensation, refrigerant gives off heat to the outdoors. This occurs in the inside evaporator and outside condenser coils, respectively, and it also undergoes pressure changes in the process.

The component that gives refrigerant enough pressure that it can pump through the entire system and properly carry through with the process is the compressor. The compressor is a motorized component that pumps refrigerant throughout both portions of the system. This part is located outside and pressurizes refrigerant as it leaves the evaporator coil, and before it reaches the condenser coil.

Refrigerant enters the compressor as a relatively cool gas at a low pressure. It adds pressure by compressing the gas, essentially squeezing it—in a sense—to reduce the volume. This adds temperature as well, so that refrigerant can give off its heat at the condenser coil.

There are a few problems that may occur with a compressor. This is one of the most important components, and when it fails you may need to replace your outdoor unit entirely. Refrigerant leaks, dirty components, and electrical trouble can all have an impact on the compressor, so call a technician for regular maintenance visits to check on the condition of your unit.

Call Envirotech Air Quality Services today and schedule an appointment for our air conditioning services in Lake Worth or to learn more about how to care for your compressor.

What Can a Nexia Home Intelligence System Do for My Home?

March 4th, 2015

With new technology that allows you to access your home no matter where you are, the future has truly arrived. Nexia Home Intelligence Systems operate via an application on your smart phone and/or tablet. From this single application, you can monitor your home comfort system, your energy usage, and your home security. And no matter where you are in the country, as long as you have access to the internet, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be alerted if anything unusual occurs inside or outside of your home.

When you install the following compatible products, they all operate from a central bridge which connects to the Wi-Fi in your home. When you open the app on your phone or tablet, you get a visual of the status of each one of these components and you can make any changes necessary. Here are a few of the components you can operate with a Nexia Home Intelligence System.

  • Thermostat – Heading home earlier than expected? Open the application on your smart phone, view the current temperature, and adjust it to your preferences so that you’re greeted by your desired temperature setting when you arrive.
  • Door Locks – Unlock the door for your kids if they arrive home before you do, or lock the doors from work if you forget to upon leaving the house.
  • Garage Door – When the garage door is left open even a little bit, intruders have access to many of your valuables and perhaps your entire home. Check whether this has been left open from your Nexia Home Intelligence application.
  • Security Cameras and Sensors – You may opt to receive alerts whenever there is activity on your property, or you can check up on your home with a compatible camera.
  • Lighting and Appliances – Turn off lights and appliances that consume energy even from many miles away.

Controlling all of these units while you’re away is not the only benefit of the Nexia Home Intelligence System. This system also lets you track and manage your energy usage so that you can ensure that you make smart energy choices. You must choose compatible products in order to connect them with the Nexis app. Allow the technicians at Envirotech Air Quality Services to install your Nexia Home Intelligence System in West Palm Beach to make sure you get the ultimate in comfort and control. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

What Are the Steps of Mold Remediation?

February 25th, 2015

Of course, you do everything in your power to keep your family healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes problems exist which are difficult to detect that could allow mold to develop. This could include a leak in your pipes or moisture in the ducts. Other times, a sudden disaster leads to flooding, in which case mold remediation services are necessary. If you suspect a mold problem, call a technician for mold remediation. Experts can help you decide on the best plan of attack for mold remediation in West Palm Beach. Learn about the steps of this process in today’s post, and call Envirotech Air Quality Services at the first sign of a mold problem.


The first step of mold remediation is evaluating your situation. The technician will inspect every portion of your home using special equipment that helps to alert them when moisture and mold could be near. Mold remediation specialists are trained to handle this type of equipment for optimal safety.


Removing the mold is a complex process that will require time, planning, and a careful approach. A lot of different tools exist for the remediation process, and the type of tool your technician uses will depend on the level of damage. Chemicals may be used, as well as air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, and sanitizers. It’s up to the technician to decide which will work best for your situation.


A quality technician will not simply end the job after removing the mold from your home. Additional steps must be taken so that you can prevent the possibility of mold growth in the future. The technicians should work with you to find a new installation or services that can keep mold from getting out of hand. For example, your technician may recommend a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air, regular plumbing services to keep plumbing leaks from happening again, or offer tips and services for ventilating your home.

Call us today at Envirotech Air Quality Services for mold remediation in West Palm Beach. We’ll do everything we can to help you find ways to prevent mold from reoccurring in the future.